My Writing

I’m new to fiction writing, but I’ve been an academic writer since the mid-1990s. Someday I hope my list of publication credits in the fiction section of this document will be at least half as long as the list of academic publications.



Proof Text. Arizona Literary Magazine, 2019.

“Proof Text” won first place in the short story division of the Arizona Authors’ Association 2019 annual literary awards and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

In progress

Delta Dawn – thriller (status: currently drafting)

Dawn Douglas reluctantly returns to her hometown in rural Northern California to care for her abusive father, whose deathbed confession sends her on a quest to find out what happened to her best friend from childhood—a quest that may get her killed.

Vanishing, Inc. – a time travel romance (status: in revision)

Scarred physically and mentally by an abusive ex, Alex Collins has fled to the tiny mountain town of Ponderosa, Arizona. She’s looking for safety, but she finds a home, a friend, a community, and healing with a man from another time. With her murderous ex-husband hot on her heels, Alex tries to hold onto her new life, her rebuilt self—and the man she now loves.

Academic Writing


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Articles and Book Chapters

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